Class of 1977

This page was originally set up in 2007 to celebrate 30 years of the Class of '77.

Well it's now 2017 and our 40th anniversary. I've obtained some new items about the years 1974-77 courtesy of Mike Roberts.

There is a complete, alphabetical list of the  Class of 1977 here.

To start 2017 with, a picture of Bob Wilson (now Professor Wilson of Colorado State University), Simon Gough, Jackie Lewis and Keith Ryan (now with Samten Consulting). Clearly determined to not leave the SU bar despite it being clearly shut!

Keith Ryan, Bob Wilson, Simon Gough & Jackie Lewis_enh

Photo thanks to Duncan Steel

Did you have a room in Queen Mary Hall? Can you remember how much it cost in 1974....

Queen Mary Hall Fees 1974-75_Web

Rag Week : I can remember going round Knightsbridge past Harrods one year with a QEC float running round the tourists collecting money in a bucket.

QEC Fred Rag 74_Web

Come Christmas there might be a Panto put on:

QEC Panto Ticket_Web

And there was always the Christmas Ball:

QEC Christmas Ball 1974 Programme Cover_Web01
QEC Ball 1974 Events_Web

What follows are from the ‘original’ Class of ‘77 page. The pictures are courtesy of Duncan Steel, who was Ents Chairman in 1976/77. Click on any of the pictures to load a larger version.

QEC Xmas Ball 1976 poster
QEC Students Union Ents programme 1977

This poster is for the Christmas Ball of 1976

QEC Duncan Steel Ents Chairman 1977

Duncan Steel, Ents Chairman, 1977 (that would be before MS Word, desk top publishing or, would you believe it, the Internet, hence the sophisticated graphics!)

And below, a real piece of history. This is a letter from Malcolm Maclaren to Phil Horler (Students Union President) confirming that the Sex Pistols will be appearing at QEC. The date of this gig was 28th November 1975; they also appeared at QEC on 7th June 1977.

Letter confirming Sex Pistols appearing at QEC 28 Nov 1975

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