Final Dinner

The Final Commemoration Dinner took place in the refectory on 12 June 1999, one of the last formal events at QEC.

QEC Final Reunion Dinner group photoI’m not sure who took this photo (hopefully someone will tell me so that I can properly credit it) but it the best group photo I have been able to get hold of. Clicking on the picture will bring up a bigger picture. If you want a higher resolution copy please contact the webmaster and I can e-mail one to you.

The Final Dinner was the last in a number of formal dinners held in the refectory, including the Golden Jubilee celebrations held in 1958, when there was a Jubilee Reception on 30 April 1958 and a Jubilee Commemoration Dinner on 7 May 1958

QEC Jubilee Reception 30 Apr 1958The Queen Mother attended the Jubilee Reception that was attended by about 200 students. I wonder if there are any members of the Association who were there? Please let me know.

More pictures of the Final Dinner will follow.....

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