KCHSS & Leicester Reunion

Those of us who think of just ‘QEC’ must not forget that the College was called KCHSS before it became QEC in 1953 (see the History page for a few more details, and there will be a test at the end...).

Well, I was just about to throw out the Autumn 2003 issue of the King’s Alumni magazine when I noticed a small bit about a ‘KCHSS and University College Leicester’ Reunion. Now here is the test - what is the link between KCHSS and Leicester? Yes, the College was evacuated to there in 1940 having been initially evacuated to Cardiff.

What follows is the article and accompanying photo from the Alumni magazine (coz they didn’t send anything to me!)

KCHSS and Leicester reunion 2003We spent many happy hours talking with old friends, meeting a few new ones, recalling old times aided by a display of photographs (formal and informal; and if you look carefully the display looks a lot like the one at the QEC 50th Reunion - webmaster), watching a film about the history of the Leicester College 1913-2002; eating, drinking and strolling around the adjacent Botanical Gardens. The Vice-Chancellor of Leicester University joined us for the formal dinner.

It was a relaxed, largely informal occasion well suited to our years. Our thanks to all those who helped in the organisation; the MC Denis Watson; Ron Kinns who printed and displayed the photographs; and most especially Audrey Simons and Audrey Cooper who worked very hard arranging everything in Leicester.

Muriel Johnson nee Law, KCHSS, Household and Social Sciences, B.Sc., 1947.

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