MSc and PhD Students 1970

Heddwen Hewis (nee James) gave me this photo at the 2018 Reunion. It was taken in 1970 and is the MSc and PhD Nutrition students with Professor Yudkin in the centre.

Heddwen has provided names of the students as best she can remember that I have listed below the picture.

Click on the picture to download a larger copy.

Photo given to me at QEC Reunion 2018_Enh_Web

Reading from left to right ( Back row)

(1) Mary Mrosiek MSc Nutrition Student, (2) ? PhD Nutrition student, (3)? PhD student, (4) ? MSc.student from Ethiopia, (5) ? PhD , (6) Diana Holdsworth MSc from New Zealand, (7) Arjion Smits MSc From Eindhoven Holland, (8) Dr Donald Naismith Lecturer, (9)Dr Arnold Bender lecturer, (10)? lecturer, (11)? PhD ,student, (12) ? Lecturer,

Front row

(1) Cynthia ? MSc, (2) ? MSc from Sierra Leone, (3)?  PhD, (4)  Prof John Yudkin, (5) ? MSc from Bolivia, (6) ? MSc student, (7) myself Heddwen James MSc, (8)Anne Clark tutor, who was pregnant at that time and her baby he/she must now be 49yrs of age! (9) Amanda Coley MSc student,

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