As the number of obituaries on this site (sadly) increases I thought it time to re-organize the pages to make them easier to navigate and for former students and staff to be able to find an obituary.

This page contains links to the obituaries which are on a number of pages:

Obituaries from 2003 - 2013 (2003 is when the website was started)

Obituaries from 2014 on

External obituaries or where a more detailed obituary has been written for the website.


Obituaries in Envoy

Lyn Embling, the Editor of Envoy, has pulled together a list of all the obituaries that have appeared in Envoy.

It’s quite a long list so whilst I work out how to present it on the website it is available by clicking here as a downloadeable .PDF Please note that in some cases , marked ‘no obit’ we only had names and very basic information such as department and dates but no obituary as such.


This page last updated 08 July 2019