Reunion 2002

When your webmaster received his letter from the Association with information about the Reunion and AGM 2002, I sensed that it was  going to be an important meeting.

The tone of the letter from Audrey Stubbs had an air of “this may be it for the Assoc if no-one comes along”

And so it proved. But the omens were good. I arrived just as the introductory talk was finishing (well, I never could get to lectures on time) but I saw a good number of people. We then had a tour of the world famous Gordon Museum of Anatomy.

After lunch we got down to the serious business of, well, saving the Association. The Chairman, Duane Passman, was unable to be there and was having to give up as Chairman, so someone stood in at the last moment to chair the meeting (apologies for forgetting her name). To cut a long story short, John Brockhouse volunteered to be the next Chairman, and everyone agreed that they wanted the QEC Association to continue. And so it has!

As for pictures of the event, well, this is the best ‘general’ shot that I have - if anyone has a better picture (and any picture of the 2002 Reunion will be better than this one) please (please!) send me a copy.

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