AGM 2004

The minutes of the 2004 AGM are available here. A number of the issues raised in 2004 have of course been superseded by events at the 2005 Annual Reunion.

The AGM is an important part of the Annual Review, and a good many people attended (well, there was tea and cake to follow!).

Some key issues were discussed this year. Fuller details will follow through the official minutes of the AGM, but to give you a flavour of this years’ wide ranging discussions :

Fund raising : The QEC funds are currently slowly depleting. To deal with this several options were discussed, including asking for one-off donations and considering charging people who want Envoy delivered, as opposed to being e-mailed to them. There is also a reference to this issue in the minutes of the 16 June 2004 Committee meeting.

The future of science at Kings : Next year the last undergraduate Chemistry course at Kings will finish, so if nothing else the Reunion 2005 will want to mark this particular passing.

Reunion 2005 : This will of course be a significant anniversary year for those who graduated in 1985 (20 years), 1980 (25 years) and....well, you can do the maths yourself. The Committee wants to encourage as many people as possible to organize their respective yeargroups to come to the Annual Reunion

Where are the QEC gates?The College Gates : They’ve been lost. Yep, the builders don’t have them and they have asked Kings if we have got them. So please look under your bed just in case you took them one rag week and forgot to put them back.

Er, were not kidding, no-one knows where the gates are!

Update June 2005 : The Kensington Walk 2005 saw that the gates were clearly there! However several of us thought that the gates in place looked too new, and we suspect that the original gates have been lost but replaced with exact copies. The frame of the gates, including the crest over the top, have always remained in place.

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