Committee & AGMs


Paul Ogden

via webmaster

Minutes Secretary

Claire Thomas
(Reunion 2016)

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Barbara McLennan

Membership Secretaries

Julia Duval,
Sally Henderson
and Radha Robinson

Editor of Envoy

Lyn Embling (nee Rigby)
(1972 – 78)


Gary Thomas (1974 – 77)


You may have noticed that there have been a number of changes to the Committee since the 2014 Annual Reunion. Barbara McLennan has taken over as Treasurer from Pat Cox, who has been a stalwart of the Association, serving in most committee roles over many years.

Henry Embling passed on the Membership Secretary baton after 15 years and there is now a triumvirate of Julia, Sally and Radha, but don't worry, they have just one email address as the membership secretary, as above.

A number of other former KCHSS and QEC’ers also help out in different ways with Association and committee matters including Hilary Phillips and John Brockhouse.

Committee and AGM1

As the Association originally charged a membership fee we are required to hold an  Annual General Meeting (AGM).  We  try to keep these as short as possible. The accounts of the Association are of course important and these are always presented, and we may well also touch on topics of interest from the last year. In the last couple of years we have also had an update from the Kings Alumni Association.

The Committee keeps the Association running smoothly, primarily arranging the Annual Reunion. Over the last couple of years they have also investigated and procured the various items of memorabilia you can see on the home page that have been available for purchase at the Annual Reunions or via the website.

Committee papers, minutes of the Annual AGM and the Annual Accounts, have now been collated onto a dedicated page, available here.

Membership of the Association

This web site is a great way to keep in touch with Association activities and events (well, I would say that, wouldn’t I!!). However the Association really needs you as a member. To become one has just become even easier. With grateful thanks to Colin Love for the HTML code we now have an on-line application form.

Should you want to use hardcopy then just click here to download the membership form. Ideally you can email it to the Membership Secretary but if not there is a postal address on the form. This form also asks how you would like to receive Envoy in the future - hardcopy or download from this web site.

Join today; you know it makes sense!

Queen Elizabeth College Association Constitution

Since our members in the past paid a membership fee there is a legal requirement on the Association to have a written constitution. The original constitution was revised and simplified and approved at the 2003 AGM. We have now made some further minor changes and the current version was approved at the 2017 AGM, available here for download.

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