Ann Wood

Ann Wood Chair of the QECA CommitteeAnn Wood retired as Chair of the Association at the AGM in October 2008.

Ann says about her time at QEC and her career :

“About me at QEC.  I was there 1970-73 doing a BSc in Microbiology. I stayed on to do a PhD also in Microbiology (1973-75) but completed it at Warwick University cos my supervisor moved there to a chair.

I was in Queen Mary Hall of Residence 1972-3 and have fond memories of freezing in my garret room on the 5th floor before the days of central heating!

I was at Warwick from 1975-90 as postdoctoral researcher in the Depts of Environmental Science and then Biological Sciences. I came back to London, to King's, to a lectureship in 1991. I was based in Life Sciences at the Kensington campus (aka QEC; it brought back many memories!) until 1999 when we moved to Waterloo and the Franklin Wilkins Building.

In between time I had kept in touch with the Microbiology Dept at QEC thru’ the Beermats club which organized social events like Xmas parties and summer dinners in the Old Refectory.

I still keep in touch with some friends from student days and have contacted a few more thru’ FriendsReunited too. I think QEC attracted people who were a friendly outgoing bunch”

Details of Ann’s research work can be found on her King’s web page at

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