Reunion 2007

This year’s reunion was small - only 30 people - but very enjoyable. A number of us from the Class of ‘77 were there, and we carried on our reunion in proper style down at the pub after the official Annual Reunion ended.

At the AGM there was some discussion around the Annual Reunion, especially the format and timings. This year’s numbers were disappointing, and the committee wants to make sure we are organizing events that members want to, and will, come to. We will have more on this once the Committee has discussed the options.

But on to this year’s event. Prof. Catherine Geissler gave a fascinating talk despite her laptop failing to talk to the overhead projector, depriving her of her Powerpoint presentation. Lunch, in the River Room (which overlooks the Embankment and Thames) was particularly good. This was Audry Stubbs’ last year as treasurer and she received a small gift in recognition of her work. Pat Cox volunteered to take over as Treasurer.

I have not yet had time to add names to the picture captions but but I will do so over the next few weeks.

A list of all the attendees at the Runion can be found here.

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Below is the planning information for the day which I will leave in place as it forms part of the record of the event.

Queen Elizabeth College (QEC)
King’s College of Household and Social Science (KCHSS)
Reunion 2007

King's College London
London WC2R 2LS

Saturday 29th September 2007

10.30 : Meet for coffee/tea (Venue : Old Committee Room)

11.45 : Speaker: Professor Catherine Geissler, Nutrition Dept, QEC              and KCL (Venue : South Range)

12.45 : Break

13.00 : Buffet lunch (Venue : River Room)

14.30 : AGM (Venue : River Room)

15.30 : Close

Details of how to find the King’s Strand site are here.

Click on the graphics below to get the Reunion application / booking form, and the Calling Notice from the Chair of the Association. The Calling Notice also contains information about the Association over the last year, so is worth reading even if you are not attending the Reunion

For information regarding the Class of ‘77 reunion please click here.

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