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Clearing the loft I came across some QEC SU Ents posters I’d forgotten about. We have already put some on the website celebrating the Class of ‘77, specifically for the Christmas Ball 1976.

Time I thought for a dedicated page and perhaps readers might find some posters in their loft that we can add here; email me here

This first poster is your webmaster being a bit self-indulgent. When at QEC I had a (somewhat famous) Gold Honda CB750. QEC didn’t have a bike club so I joined the Imperial College one - yes, I know, going over to the enemy but they were all very nice. And very jealous of my ‘jap crap’  CB750 as they all had british bikes (Norton Commando, Royal Enfields...) so spent most of their time trying to start their bikes whilst the CB750 had an electric start. Anyway I did start a QEC bike club and stole this poster from Imperial to advertise it. I was also the Secretary of the NUS Motorcycle Club (a club of clubs, so to speak) - imagine trying to communicate with clubs before photocopiers let alone email! Click on the image below to download a bigger one.

P1001793_Bike Club_Enh_Web

As mentioned above the next 2 posters are already on this site on the Class of ‘77 page but are worth showing here again. They are from my good friend Duncan Steel who was Ents Sec in 1977 (and there is a great picture of him in full Ents Sec mode on the Class of 77 page). I’m afraid I don’t have larger images to download.

In some of the posters that follow it has been hard to confirm the actual date but the Mungo Jerry website does have them at ‘Queen Elizabeth, London’ on 03 Dec 2917. Click on the image below to download a larger image.

QEC_Ents_poster_Xmas Ball_03Dec1976_Web page
Ents Srping 77#2
Burlesque 25 Feb 1977#2

The above ‘Ents Spring ‘77’ poster has Burlesque appearing on 25th Feb 1977 and below is the poster from that gig. And it’s confirmed on the ‘punkmusiccatalogue’ website that they did indeed appear at QEC on 25th Feb 1977. Click on the image for a larger one.

QEC Ents poster_Fri25Feb1977_Web page

This is one of the posters where the date on the poster doesn’t tie up with the band history. According to the Mickey Jupp website (yes, there is one!) they appeared at QEC on 26th Feb 1971. However Duncan has confirmed to me that they did appear at QEC on 30th Jan 1976. Click on the poster for a larger image.

QEC Ents poster_Fri30JanXX_Web page
Burlesque Freshers Ball 08 Oct 1976

This next poster has been a challenge. Apart from the fact that QEC clearly liked to book Burlesque (indeed it was Duncan Steel who booked them both times) there is no record of them appearing at QEC on 08 October of any year. The above link has them appearing in October in just 1976 and 1977 (and as you know the band’s last gig was in Dec ‘77). However Duncan has confirmed that they were at the Freshers Ball on 08 October 1976. As above click on the picture to download a larger one.

QEC Ents poster_Fri08OctXX_Web page

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