Photo Album

This section is now, I’m pleased to be able to say, developing slowly into a photographic record of QEC.

I am very grateful to all those who have either e-mailed me pictures, or even more generously, given to me their pictures at a Reunion so that I can take copies. These pictures form an invaluable record of QEC, a record that will quickly fade unless we take steps to preserve the history and our memories of the College.

So, if you have any pictures of QEC, or related to QEC (and of course it’s predecessors) then please e-mail them to me.

Pi cture of Queen Elizabeth College, London

For the 1960’s we have some fascinating pictures from Elizabeth Young (nee Saunders) of field trips in 1961.
Richard Dixon (1964-68) sent me some pictures from his time at QEC, including Biology field trips and the infamous Pancake Race!

This section started off with some pictures sent to me by Ron Wilkinson. We now have some pictures of beer tasting in Croydon, and the QEC Cricket team

And click on the picture to see some recent pictures of the College.

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